Carrie Guo is a multi-talented Taiwanese creative professional, excelling as a Graphic Designer, Design Director, Digital Artist, Illustrator, and devoted Hip Hop Enthusiast. With over a decade of experience, she has collaborated with esteemed companies across Canada, the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, and China, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the design realm.
Carrie's journey through the design industry has evolved into a remarkable focus on product and graphic design, where she consistently pioneers innovative solutions. Her passion lies in leveraging graphic design as a strategic tool for effective marketing and communication.
An alumna of NSCAD University in Halifax, Canada, where she earned her Master of Design degree, and Nanhua University in Chiayi, Taiwan, where she attained her Bachelor of Design degree, Carrie's academic foundation has been pivotal in shaping her artistic prowess.
Her day is immersed in a diverse spectrum of design activities, spanning from intricate illustrations to comprehensive branding endeavours, dynamic social media advertising, captivating sports design, thoughtfully constructed layouts, seamless UI/UX design, and captivating motion graphics.

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